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August 8, 2017

Almost two years ago I decided to go on my first solo travel in Peru, wasn’t going to be a long trip and I wasn’t really along because I was going with a tour, still I didn’t know anybody and had no expectations at all.

I decided to go with Chillin Adventures , you meet them at the bus station and after many hours sleeping very uncomfortably (I hate sleeping in buses or planes btw) you reach the main Plaza of Huaraz where you get divided in rooms of three. Since I had no one I shared mine with two girls who went together, they were actually really nice and just two years younger than me.

This was a two day trip so the first one you spend it having breakfast around town, I of course ate my pan con queso and fresh orange juice. Afterwards you go on a little trek until you reach the top of a cascade where you rappel.

Tip? Make sure you take two pairs of shoes, I forgot and got the cold later. 

It’s not hard, but you’ll get bruises from the rocks you’ll inevitably hit while coming down. Anyways, great experience!! And later they take you for some lunch. This trip included doing some puenting (throwing yourself from a bridge) .. you’ll say it for sure came easy for my because I had bungee jump before…but hell no, I got scared. So scared I couldn’t. But for those less afraid, my travel friends totally recommend it.

Here a photo of the main plaza of Huaraz.



I bet you’ve heard of it many many times, and so have I. I had been in an acceptable shape around the time I made the trek so I wasn’t too worried. You need you buy a ticket to enter de National Park of Huascaran, around 10 soles (I can’t remember if for tourists is more). You enter by car until you get to the beginning of the trek. You’ll make a stop at Lagoon Llanguanuco and take some beautiful photos.

It starts really early in the morning, you get there around 9 am and expected to reach the top around 1pm. Its a 7km trek and on your way up until the 4650 meters above the sea where lagoon 69 is located.  Before getting to the top, amazing views along the way…

Great view of the Nevado Huascarán 


Lagoon 68 is my favorite!!

A lot of people can’t make it, its not easy.. and as funny as it sounds I’ll tell you the truth; my tour guide was the best, his name was (hope still is) Jesus and he met me along the way when my tong was out and I was seriously thinking of just turning around, but he made me his sheep and never stopped pushing me to keep walking, gave me mate de coca for the altitude and made me chew coca leaves for strength. Eventually I made it!  It’s funny because I don’t believe in the whole catholic thing (even though I was raise as one) and turns out my guide was named like that and without him I would have probably gave up.

The way down was infinite…I decided not to eat at the top because I had little selfie time therefore I was starving.

I wish I could tell you more about this trip, but these is all I remember so far, but as it is, I totally recommend it to you all!!

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