Tayrona Park – Santa Marta

June 25, 2018

After I got from Cartagena via Marsol, five hours later, I was back in Santa Marta. I stayed at the party hostel “La Brisa Loca” , this is like the party point to every other hostel, sort of like the Loki of Cusco.  Up until 11pm you can enter for free, afterwards they’ll charge you. The party here is crazy, it’s up in the roof and they have this DJ that you can hear all around the hostel (so if your plan is to sleep, this isn’t for you).

Well, so the first night I went out to have dinner near La Plaza de Los Novios, there are these restaurants in a hall street where live music is on all night and entertaining street shows. Lot’s of pasta places and many options to chose from.

I have no photo at night (but you can check my Instagram profile to see my memories of this trip)

That night, party mood on at the hostel, even though I knew I was going to Tayrona Park next morning at 6am. I met this colombian friend who was going with his friend the next day and let me join them.

People are scared sometimes to adventure themselves in traveling alone, fearing what could happen. Truth is you are never alone, I’ve met incredible people by myself and I guess that is what I love most about traveling solo. 

Tayrona National Park

There’s no need to take a tour to get to this amazing natural reserve. We took at bus at “el mercado” a few blocks from the hostel, and for 8k pesos they get you to the entrance of the park.

We were hangover from last night, so a few arepas had to do the magic. There’s a store right in front of the main entrance.

FYI: they don’t take credit cards, bring cash

If peruvian you pay 13,500k (26 years old> , you’ll pay 23,500) for other tourists 54,500k pesos. Also there are these vans that take you up to the start of the trek for 3k pesos (15min ride up the hill)

The trek is about 2 1/2 hours…and boy! You’ll get tired. Even though is not like hiking at altitude and cold as fu** , the weather is hot and you’ll find many stairs (specially on your way back).

Make sure to bring lots of water. The only store is the one in Cabo San Juan, at the end of the trail. Although, you’ll find some AMAZING orange juice along the trek for 4k pesos. Food in the restaurant is around 30k pesos per dish.

There are may ways to get to Tayrona Park; one of the other ways is to get to Taganga and take a boat, the second one is by horse and the third one is by walking – we chose this one, cheaper also-.

You’ll hear that you might see wild animals along the trek, this is far from the truth, but it’ll still be worth the effort. I haven’t been in the jungle with the ocean so close. That’s the real beauty of Tayrona.

Santa Marta’s city

I had few hours to enjoy the city, my flight left next day around 1pm. After I came back from Tyrona, the friends I went with had to leave already, but there was a new person at my room. Another colombian girl who was exploring Santa Marta for new ideas for her hostel called La Playita Hostel  -which I’ll definitely add to my bucket list-. We went eating near the plaza to an Arab restaurant. Played board games at the hostel (since Colombia had elections the next day and the sell of alcohol was prohibited) and then watched a movie at the big screen in one of the hostel’s floor.

I had the best time at Santa Marta, you won’t find much stuff to do around here, aside from the beautiful beaches and few museums. It is a city for relaxing and partying. You can also make the 4 day trek to the Lost City, but I’ll have to go back for that.

¡Hasta pronto Colombia!

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