January 8, 2018

Hey guys, I’m truly sorry for not posting about my trip to Tarapoto (haha funny because I’m almost sure I have no followers and no one is waiting, but let me believe I do)

Well, this was a family trip, a truly female travel experience, you see…in my family women are the decision makers, therefore..my aunts, cousins, my mom and I decided to go to Tarapoto where my grandfather was originally from.

Although my family’s history is a little bit complicated, we all get along more than well. We stayed at the Sumaj Hotel, a house made hotel with a great pool. Rooms were amazingly beautiful for the price we paid (150 soles per night, matrimonial bedroom), and it had air conditioner!!! This is a MUST in the jungle, the air is so hot all the time! Plus it got an Amazing view!

The first day we arrived sort of late so we just went to eat and walk around the main plaza. We ate at this restaurant called “La Collpa” which has an amazing view, check it out!

View from “La Collpa”

Anyways, we’ve already been to Tarapoto before so we went back just to eat and have a nice female family time. First we visited the Park of the Waterfall called “Tio Yacu” where you can swim in the cold water and ride a tire while screaming  – we totally overreacted btw-.

Here some photos we took while debating where to go next:

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Ok, aside from that..the BEEEEEST thing I can say about this place is the “Plátano con queso” … I mean, banana with cheese! ehem. It costs around 4 soles and you will not regret it.

Our next stop! The Orquid Museum “El orquidiario” or something like that. If you like orquids, that’s where you should go! You can also buy them if you like, the prices go from 5 soles, just take in account the fact that you have to take it with you on the plane, and also do not forget your ticket because they could take it away at the airport.

The last day we went to the Ahuashiyacu Waterfall Park, I think the entrance ticket costs around 10 soles per person (I’m so sorry I don’t have the exact price). The interesting thing about this stop is that on your way to the waterfall you’ll be able to see blue butterflies and other wildlife.

After being blessed by the water, we visited the town of Lamas, small town if you go to the native side (it has a bigger city on the top side). Here you’ll find souvenirs to bring back home at a good price.

After wondering around we headed to this restaurant called “El Mirador de Lamas” where you could see the whole city from above. The food was really good, but they sort of took too long to attend us, other than that…pretty good!

After this day, that was our last…we went back to the hotel to take advantage of the pool before getting to the airport:

Don’t worry I’ll go back, hopefully soon, and will make a better post about it! I missed out on all the adventure tours because my mom was too nervous haha.

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