March 12, 2018

Rupac, the city of fire or otherwise known as the Machu Picchu of Lima.

I’ve been wanting to visit this place since I heard about it some time ago when it became famous among trekkers (not that I’m one of the, but I like the ocasional trek just to feel the pain afterwards, aside of course of the beautiful scenery).

After planning for a while, wether I’ll be going on a roadtrip with my usual friend or with a tour, the second option became best. why? my friend couldn’t make it haha.

I went there with a friend, one who had never before trek in his life, paid S/.145 each of us to this tour company called MiWaiky  . I found them in Facebook looking for tours to Rupac, gave it a chance. Everything went ok, I recommend them!

6am we met at the first pick up point in Javier Prado w/Aviacion in San Borja district, later on to the second point in Plaza Norte and then straight to Huaral, where Rupac is located.

  • In Huaral, you will stop at the market to buy breakfast and things you might have forgotten. I ate a cheese sandwich with orange juice for 3 soles. 
  • Before arriving to the beginning of the trek you’ll make a stop in a small town called La Florida where you’re gonna have lunch (S/.8 menu) and use the bathrooms. 

Things you must know about this trek (if you aren’t experienced much like me)

  • ITS DEMANDING, to say the least. (This was my first time actually carrying my bags through the whole trek, trek that took us four hours straight up)

  • You cannot get lost, there is only one path.
  • When you see this sign, don’t get your hopes up. 

And def not for this one either…

  • It should take between 3-4 hours before getting to the top where the camping area is located. If you’re lucky you will be able to see the sunset (we didn’t)
  • Bring a raincoat if you’re going during a rainy season.

About the camping area 

  1. There are bathrooms, it costs S/.1 each time you want to use it.
  2. Only 3 tends that sell “food” and by that I mean tea, coffee, little simple sandwiches and cookies, nothing else. (They also sell firewood, but if I were you I’d ask you bring something more ecofriendly like ecobricks)
  3. They rent blankets and matresses for 10 soles I think, I arrived to late, they were already rent out by time we got there.
  4. It gets freaking cold, specially during the early morning. Prepare yourself.

We put up the tends, gather around the fireplace while the soup was being cook and shared some stories. I have heard people party, but I didn’t know how hard. We wanted to see the sunrise so we entered our tends around 11 but there were a lot of people making too much noise until 4am.

Things I learned about this experience

  1. I’m buying an inflatable pillow
  2. If you can, rent the effin mattress….the foam mat won’t cut it…if you wanna sleep well
  3. Your backpack will seem like heavier on the way back
  4. The less the better

And now…the Machu Picchu from Lima


This is my fav photo from this trip

More than 900 years old .::. Should be consider as a Lima wonder

We were supposed to see the mattress of clouds…you’ll probably hear of this place as the city above the clouds, but we didn’t caught much of it – probably because that season is between the end February and the beginning of march)- but it looked amazing still!

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