Rio de Janeiro

March 29, 2018

Well, before I go into my next travel I’ll tell you about my trip!

First of all, I was in doubt about how dangerous could it be, people have been telling me that I should better carry my bullet proof vest….well, I had no need for it at all. Yes, you have to be careful like in any other place but you won’t be robbed necessarily. I didn’t even encounter a favela (This is weird, maybe I was just too distracted? in RJ usually there are favelas everywhere).

Where to stay?

I stayed in Flamengo , very centric neighborhood I must say, close to the train station, stores and a nice park where stands where placed. I chose the Villa 25 hostel&suites , mostly because it has great rating in Hostelworld and secondly because it is cheaper than Ipanema. Turned out for the best.

I stayed in a twelve bed room with 4 guys and 2 girls (including my friend).  We met great people and made travel friends for life! Although, someone at the very end scammed us by borrowing money from us and never paid us back – lesson: do not lend money to strangers.

Olha essa gente do cuarto 104!

The guys were all from different parts of Brazil, which was amazing ‘cause I got to practice my Portuguese! One of them took us to Lapa and the Center by walking and we got to see the city from another angle. I loved this!


The first time I came here it was a night and the bars were open. We didn’t got to enjoy it much because we were too tired of the whole trip, it was our first day.

The second time I went here was by walking during the day to visit the famous stairs of Selaron! Lots of people, go as early as you can. After it we went visit the “Parque das ruinas” that has a great view of the city!

Parque Das Ruinas

The third one was my last night in Rio, we went for some drinks while waiting before leaving yo the airport. It was a Tuesday so they weren’t many bars open but we got into one with live music called Leviano.

Us and our friend from Argentina


We pass through the center of the city by walking, it is a great place to buy presents and souvenirs because they are much cheaper than in touristic areas. Also, there are lots of libraries with the cheapest books! Also, the Brazilian architecture never seize to amaze me!

We also visited the “Museo de Amanhã” that is by far way more technologic than anything I have seen before, and it is huge! Made me think a lot about how humans keep treating our world and how little are the ones concern doing about it.

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Ipanema and Copacabana

Famous beaches, both of them. The rich and popular side of Rio de Janeiro. I must say I like Copacabana best, because it has less people. I loved to see people riding their bikes, walking their dogs…so relaxing.

Ipanema beach

The famous Açaí

Christ the Redeemer

OMG! I don’t even want to think how it is like in high season….it was freaking HOOOOOOOT, I counted the seconds to take the damn selfie and go down. So many people, so much sweating…just thinking about it stresses me out.

I just want to clarify….that I’m no Catholic or believer in God, I just went there for the “Wonders of the world” list I’m trying to complete. I guess if you do do believe in Christ it’d be a much more glorifying experience.

Ok, lets talk money!

  1. It costs us 61 reales each to take the van that took us to the Christ and brought us back.

The hard truth

It will take you forever to get down, the vans for the way back to your departure point take forever, yes I’ve said forever twice. Make sure you have almost half day to waste waiting in line.

Pão de Açúcar

So, I guess most people go there to see the sunset, or during the day….we went at night, why? because we got entertained shopping in Leblon (window-shopping I mean). Still, it was great! The view is amazing! You can see RJ at night, all light up! I just wished I had a better camera with me.

How much? For tourists is 80 reales – round trip

And you can always enjoy a great Caipirinha for 20 reales -ughh.

Arraial do Cabo

Well, we first booked out tour from a guy at the beach but when it came to it, the company were very late and we ended up going with another one. So I’ll recommend you this one! We paid 150 reales each.

They will take you to different beaches in a yatch-ish and you will enjoy each place for 30 minutes. Friendly warning! Do NOT rent the diving googles! Not worth it. I’m really thinking of going back to Rio and go straight to Arraial do Cabo, it’s beautiful.

Tip: Bring cash, there are no ATMs around. 

There’s a photographer in the boat that takes you photos and then you can pay for them, it’s optional…but the girl is great, she made us feel comfortable and so we bought them.

This had some great romantic story and I completely forgot.


We actually made this trip for my bestfriend bday! I don’t know if maybe we stayed at the wrong side of the partying area, or maybe we just didn’t look very well. The first time we “party” was in Lapa, at a bar with our hostel friends. I guess it depends wether you like bars or clubs.

The second time we went to this bar/club in Ipanema the hostel recommended called “BARZIN” – you know, in Rio is hard to find a regular bar, most of them are alternative -if you know what I mean- and I’m very cool with that, but maan….where were all the straight guys?

Anyways, the thing I loved most about this place was that they have this live music show with a guy who plays the violin… OMG, I loveeeed him. His Instagram is @Brucerjwayne if you wanna look him up.


Well for now I think this is all I can tell you, I’ll be coming back, that’s all I know. 

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