Rapagna Lagoon

October 14, 2017

Independence day 

I was used to go partying with my friends during the holidays of mid year, but this time I decided to celebrate my country’s bday getting to know ‘im a little bit more. I didn’t go that far, truth is Lima has a lot to offer aside from the city.

Where to? Huarochiri province of Lima.

You all know by now I am not an expert traveler (aka rookie traveler) , therefore I trust a lot my tour agencies for beginners like me. This time I went with Mundo Aventura Travel 

We met at a common mini vans stop that take you to “Chosica” around 3pm. Once there we took a bus to “San Mateo” where we spent the night. Same as my experience in my Trek to the Lagoon 69 I ended up with two nice women.

We sleep little and started getting ready at 3am and by 4am we were already starting the trek at the beginning of the trail in complete darkness, only a few had lanterns and others -like me- had our cellphones (thank God Iphone has a great light).

Tips? Do NOT take cotton clothes, you’ll sweat…a LOT, and trust me! you’re gonna need a dry-fit shirt. And do not take a huge backpack -like I did- you’ll not be needing it. Although, a spare pair of comfortable shoes will come in handy. Specially if you’ll be wearing hiking shoes.  


  1. You need to be in good shape, I barely made it. Few guys helped me carry my backpack the last miles before reaching the top ’cause I just would’ve died…
  2. At first it is effin cold, but around noon you’ll be all sweaty and the sun might be burning…take lipgloss and lots of sunblock.


This trek took about TEN HOURS…6 up and 4 down. So be prepare!

Altitude? 4565 meters over the ocean level


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