April 11, 2018

And so, another destiny in Peru I’ve finally visited. I’ve came in April, which is not high season because its rainy -but still very hot-, and everything is cheaper.

Where to stay?

If what your are looking for is comfort, nature and great food, the Manish Eco Hostel is where you need to go. Amazing service and amazing food, plus the bungalows are really great.

Where to go?

I went with a friend to this trip, we wanted a break from routine -as always- and I also wanted to taste my beloved peruvian jungle food. Since it was low season most of tours and rides are cheap, but be careful because you can still get cheated. Idk why people see tourists -even if you are peruvian- and want to take advantage of your kindness. Anyways, the first day we just went to the city and surroundings looking for a good place to eat, near the “Puerto Grau” close to the Big Clock there is this restaurant called “Kitty”

Grilled Paiche with fried banana plus the best beer made in the jungle of Peru

And after eating a great dish, we went to visit the Natural Park very close to the city and near by our hotel. The entrance is S/.5 and well, it doesn’t have anything amazing apart from locked animals (This is why I don’t have almost any photos of the place)

HUGEEEEEE ants everywhere

Shot from the Natural Park

The next day we went to Yarina, 15 minutes away from the main city in mototaxi (4-5 soles)


A regular tour will cost you around 120 soles each person, we decided to make it on our own. Took a mototaxi outside the hotel and then negociated (badly) a boat ride to the main points in Yarinacocha Lagoon. A two hour ride cost us 80 soles (for the two of us).

Also look this black cloud above us, in this time of year (April) you’ll see them often, don’t be scared, rain is thin and hot.


Our first stop was the native people called “Caserío 11 de agosto” where you can buy native stuff and drink camu camu water.

Our second stop was at this natural reserve called “The Jungla” where the entrance is S/.3 each and you can take photos with the anacondas for 10 soles (I got nervous, I have very much respect for wild animals).

Finally, some views from the ride:

Where to eat in Yanira?

We wondered around the town looking for a place to eat since the one we wanted to try call “Anaconda” was closed. We ended up eating at this local restaurant called “El Tuyuyo” 10/10 points! Great service and the food was delicious!

How to get to Mayantuyacu river:

On our third day we tried to make it to Honoria to see the Mayantuyacu River with hot water, BUT it was a sunday and there were no cars to take us, so we came back to try again on monday. How to get there?

  1. Take a shared taxi that will charge you 5 soles each until Campo Verde (they leave every 10 minutes) it’ll be a ride for 15 minutes
  2. When you’ve reached Campo Verde’s market get down and take another shared taxi that will take you to Honoria, it will charge you 10 soles each and its about 1h-2h long.
  3. Once in Honoria, go to the port, there you’ll take a bote ride for 20 minutes until the beginning of the trail. They wanted to charge us 50 soles the roundtrip but we got it for 40.
  4. The trek will take you about an hour until you’ve reached the hot waters in the small town of Mayantiyacu.

This weird bug, which I think is a butterfly, opens its wings and they are blue!


The first bunk is half the way.

You’re getting closer…

Almost there…. (second bunk)

It’s a natural sauna!

Around 5pm on the boat ride back


Amazing trip!


Tip: Wear at all times you bug repellent, I got bitten EVERYWHERE! Even on the neck. 

Watch out for those bugs, they are not the ones you want them to bite you. 

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