Awww my beautiful country! I‘ve been to most of it already, but it is so big I don‘t really think you can get to know it completely. Also, I‘ve went to so many places at a young age, I couldn‘t appreciated as I would do now, therefore I will definitely make sure to put them on my to go list and I will tell you all about my return! 

I‘ve considered so many times living elsewhere, and when I travel to another country I always try to look for reasons if maybe I could live there…so far, there isn‘t another place I‘d rather live than Peru. Why? I couldn‘t survive without the peruvian cuisine, sorry not sorry. There‘s no better food!!! The fruits, the vegetables, the fusion with other cultures and that special peruvian hand.. ahh! amazes me how delicious it can be! 

Sorry, I just can‘t leave forever my huancaína, ceviche, maki acevichado, tallarines verdes, all kinds of beans, choclo con queso, picarones, churro limeño, mate de coca, chaufa, chicharrón de pescado, chicha, canchita chulpi….I could go on but I‘m drooling already!! 

Anyways, of course things could be better, truth is Lima is messy, people are sometimes very rude and ungrateful, corruption is everywhere, the traffic SUCKS and public transportation is terrible….but hey, the food compensates it all. Well, not only the food…Peru has such a biodiversity and every kind of microclimates; we have coast, highlands, jungle…can we ask for more? Sure, maybe water for everyone, less poverty, less hunger, less pollution, a better system….

I have so much to offer to make my country a better one, I just can‘t leave forever…but maybe just from time to time, right? The world needs to be seen!!! and I can‘t wait!


-A proud peruvian girl.

May 14, 2017