Pastoruri, Lake 69 and Paron

October 10, 2019

This is a magical city, maybe not in infrastructure, but it certainly has it’s natural charm. After all, is the city where you can get to know the Andes Mountains (approximately in 2 months, but I’ll get there) 

This was the second time I visited Huaraz, solo travel again. I wanted to make the Lake 69 trek again to overcome the time I made four years ago when I had no resistance or training. 

How to get there?

I took a bus from Lima (8h ride), I recommend Oltursa, although they don’t have bilingual personnel and they don’t repeat any instructions in english. 

Where did I stay?

Selina Huaraz

I stayed at a dorm for 16 people with a shared bathroom for 9$ a night. It was alright, comfy beds, clean spaces. I would enrich the menu, though. The location was good, 3 soles taxi from the main square.

Where to go? 

Lake 69

Well, this is the second time I’ve made this trek and I gotta tell you, it gets easier when you are prepare, and I not just mean physically. Sure I made the hike in 2 and half hours, but the way down…damn, I barely made it. I discover (this might sound funny to those who already knows this tip) that covering your ear can be soooooo helpful in altitude. Covering your ears keep you from getting the air inside you head, your brain, your soul!

Tips? Don’t take much to carry with you, if so, take a light backpack. Easy snacks to lunch, and hot water.

Lake Paron

I recommend for you to go early or camp there, lots of people go up and getting a good photo is not easy. Also, if you arrive later than noon the lake won’t appear as good.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to go up until the last spot of the mountain.

Tips? cover your ears!

You can ride the kayak for 30 minutes (20 soles)


Well, I almost saw no snow at all. It is barely covered by snow, it has been degenerating for years now, people really don’t know how to take care of anything. Long before people use to slide from the mountains and leave trash all around, and also lots of people used to up and that didn’t help at all of course. 

Anyways, it took me 30 minutes to go up the hill, it is paved so don’t worry. It is gonna get cold and the altitude can affect you, so be careful when you go. 

GPTempDownload (3).jpg

GPTempDownload (5).jpg


Also on your way to Pastorouri you might encounter llamas and local flora. 

GPTempDownload (2).jpg


I will be back – again. So much to see yet! 

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