Panama City

January 12, 2019

My eleventh country!

This trip started out as a visit to a friend of mine who is living in Panama City at her sister’s house. Anyways, we weren’t planning on going to Bocas del Toro to spent New Year’s but we ended up going, check out the post for more about it…

A few years back, maybe more than 6 years, I thought of Panama as a country for shopping, which used to be cheaper than Miami….this is no longer true btw, it might even be expensier. Anyways, I still wanted to go see the big malls and sales.

We arrived the 29th of December at 6am. Panama city seemed similar to San Jose, Costa Rica in infrastructure and green areas. It is a very organized city I must say, but very expensive, same as Costa Rica or maybe more because their currency is valued the same as the american dolar.

Tip: Take in account the fact that you’ll need money.

Maybe this is why the city doesn’t have much tourists as I have seen in other cities. Panama is a very small country, it only has 4k people, and aside the Panama Canal there isn’t much to visit around the capital.

Well there isn’t much I can say about it, just that I probably won’t go back.

  • Partying sucks, small clubs, few people…expensive
  • There is no better food than peruvian food
  • Malls and restaurants close pretty early (around 9pm)

Where to go?

Amador bay, few restaurants and a view

Panama canal

We couldn’t make it because it was too expensive and didn’t much interested us, but here are the ticket prices if you do want to go.

Where to eat?

Since I am never happy with the food anythere but Peru, thank the universe for this peruvian restaurant (that is actually my friend’s cousin restaurant) called “ASU MARE” (You can see the stories on my instagram)

See you never Panama!

…. sorry I just had a bad experience, if you had a good one pls let me know!

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