Outside the city #DIY

May 30, 2017

Wandering around Cusco? If you’d like to make short trips outside the city here are your options (or the ones I’ve made at least). 

The entrance to this places? If you’re peruvian you can buy a ticket for 11 places in and outside the city for 40 soles. If not…I’m sorry I’ll have to get back to you with that (ups).

  1. Arqueological site of Sacsaywaman

2. Arqueological site of Qenko

3. Maras Moray

About these places, I totally recommend you going with the ATVs tour, takes like 4 hours.

Salinas de Maras



3/11 ? I know…truth is I’ve been everywhere, but so long ago I don’t have any photos….and I am not really missing out on anything by not going again. Some of them are Museums, Temples or old Ruins (for me, being peruvian and all…ruins are not sth out of the ordinary), I’ll be going to Cusco again soon so I’ll be sure to take a picture of the 11 places and tell you how much it costs if you aren’t from Peru. 

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