August 8, 2018

Full day in Nicaragua.

I need to start this post by giving all my support to the people of Nicaragua suffering the government’s oppression and the also to the families of the opposition that has turned violent.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country, and since April of this year it is becoming the next Venezuela. Internal problemas have been affecting tourism and therefore its people.

For the record

When my mom and I booked this tour (that leaves from Guanacaste) I completely forgot about the riots (a friend of mine told me before my trip that I shouldn’t go to Nicaragua) all I was thinking is that I was gonna meet another country. My mom says she just thought it has stopped. The tour guides never said anything about it though. It wasn’t until we were across the border that we realized we had come to a trouble country.

We are lucky

Maybe the riots haven’t stopped, but for that 31 of july that we went there, nothing happen. Nothing at all would have given away that they are living a nightmare. We got to the capital, to Granada, the first city in Central America that was conquer by the Spanish. It reminded me of Cuba, of Cartagena, of Central Lima. I guess all colonies are alike.

What you need to know

  • To cross the border, some countries have free pass (like Americans and Europeans -I am not sure about Canadians) others are restricted to enter the country, and some of us just need to pay a fine (peruvians 50$) if you don’t have a VISA allowed.
  • You are not to take photos of the police, specially now.
  • Closer to the border I wouldn’t say there is much problem, it is a sort of neutral controlled area.
  • Nicaragua is so much cheaper than Costa Rica.



Took us about 4 hours to get there. We left at 5 am and were having breakfast around 9:30am in this lovely restaurant with a view of the longest river in Central America.



Sorry this photo of the entrance warnings is in spanish, but in summary it says that you are entering the park under your own responsibility, since it is an active volcano it could erupt at any moment, without any scape alternative.

Unfortunately we didn’t got to see the lava, but you could definitely hear its activity.

Crater “Santiago” 


After visiting the Volcano, we went down to the town of CATARINA to contemplate a great view of the lake of Nicaragua. Also there are local shops to buy gifs, we only found a few of them because since tourism had gone low they almost didn’t open.

It started raining and the fog was pretty intense, but ten minutes later and it cleared out so beautifully.



Oh beautiful.



And last but not least we took a boat ride to the little but fancy islands that hold home to rich people and a few monkeys.



I am so grateful I got to see Nicaragua as a peaceful place, beautiful and with great kind people.

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