New year in Cancun!

February 11, 2018

Finally!! (you know this is the second time I’ve written this, the first it got deleted -ugghhhh) The post about this partying trip with my friends is here! For all my two or three fans, that is if I even got one haha.

Well first of all I must say that this post is about partying tips and almost nothing about tours and white beaches.

Where to stay?

NYX Hotels. At first we were a little disappointed we didn’t got to stay at the Oasis Hotel because that was were people had said it was all about partying, but it turn out for the best. This hotel is close to the party center and in front of the beach, also it has free wifi (not in every hotel this is included, in the Oasis Pyramid you have to pay for it), food is not expensive and if you want you can also pay for the all included pack.





Where to buy your tours?

We bought ours at the Flamingo Mall in front or our hotel in a Tour store, they gave us 2 amazing tours for 105$, these were: ride in the Catamaran’s to Isla Mujeres and the bus ride with drinks to Chichen Itza.

  • Catamaran’s to Isla Mujeres 

We decided we didn’t wanna take the boring ferry so we took the boat with drinks that takes you to Isla Mujeres and stops to dive and see the underwater museum.

  • Chinchen Itza 

We went in a bus that had open bar! Once in the place they tell you all about the history and then let you take photos. There is a lot of people so be prepare to photoshopped them all. On this tour they also take you to visit a cenote but we never got in, there was too much people.

Tip? If you´re taking your gopro or tripod make sure to hide them from security because otherwise there are gonna make you pay taxes, this goes for drones too. 

Party for new year?

We went to DADDY’O where Fedde Le Grand was playing. For 110$ we got the dinner before the party, the all included bracelets and the after party at Mandala Beach. AMAZING PARTY!

Where to party?

The good thing about not staying at a partying hotel was that we were motivated enough to go to every club in Quinta Roo. Clubs we visited in order of recommendation:

  1. Mandala Beach (We only party at night, it also opens in the afternoon during the weekends)
  2. La Vaquita (they give you hugeeee cups of alcohol)
  3. Coco Bongo (GREAT SHOW, but we never got to party ’cause we went just to see the show on our last night)
  4. Mandala club
  5. Palazzo (only opens on Thursday – it has a great neon show- I didn’t had much fun because it was nearly empty the day we went)

The bracelets for almost every club is around 60$ it doesn’t include the service provided by the waiters (tips are around 20%). We got our bracelets from Alex, our party manager, we met him at our hotel where he goes to meet the tourists to take them party, he’s from the Mandala Team.

And last but not least! The video I made from our stories in Instagram!

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