New Schedule – Machu Picchu

June 4, 2017

If you were, like me, planning on visiting Machu Picchu from July on, here is some news about the entrance that is going to change starting July 1st 2017.

1st group : 6:00 – 12:00

2nd group: 12:00 – 17:30

What does this mean?

Well, before there were several hours that you could visit the Sanctuary, now there`ll be only two. What this actually means is that you need to BOOK ASAP!

So if youre planning on staying there the whole day, be sure to buy double tickets (specially if you`re planning on hiking Huaynapichu or the Machu Picchu mountain).

ANNDDDDD you`ll also need to have a Guide with you for the touristic tour -duh.

Btw, the new center for ticket sales to enter the Inca Trails or the Llacta Inca of Machu Picchu, are now available on: “Calle Maruri N 340, Palacio Inca de  Kusicancha”

Source: Prom Peru 

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