May 29, 2018

I’ve been wanting go here for a long time now. I actually bought my camping stuff for this trek. Well, I must say it didn’t go as I thought it will, but there was still so much to see and learn, I’ll definitely be coming back to see what I missed.

First, we arrived late…people usually leave for this place around 5 am, we did at 9. It’s about 4-5 hours from Lima to get to the town called San Pedro de Casta.

There are 3 ways to get to Marcahuasi:

  1. Walk from San Pedro de Casta through the shorter route (more steep)
  2. Walk from San Pedro de Casta through the longer route (more plain)
  3. Take a car (they charge you around 10 soles) until the almost entrance. From that stop it’ll take you about 40 minutes to arrive to the camping area.

Since we left late and arrive late, had lunch and then start the trek, we decided to go up with the car and just do the 40 min walk. I was afraid we would arrive later than sunset and had to began putting up the tent in the dark – which we almost did anyways-.

First mistake -> I don’t really know how to put up my tent, the only time I did it, another person helped me and I forgot. (gladly we at least put up the most important part – my tent has a second entrance -)

My friends mistake -> 2 of them didn’t bring a mat (BIG MISTAKE) , one of them brought a huge backpack (like I did in Rupac), other one brought all of her stuff in many little bags, and finally the biggest mistake of all…one of them took a beach tent.

Our mistakes -> No one knew how to make a campfire, we just had the wood (which you can buy for 6 soles in the town)


  1. Arrive early if you’re planning on renting a donkey to carry your stuff, they are only available until 9 am
  2. Make sure to buy wood in the town before the trek, you can also find them in the camping area but is not for sure you’ll find some
  3. It is gonna be coooooooold, that night we went down until -5 degrees. In the morning we saw ICE in our tents and grass
  4. Pack lightly but don’t forget your mat and blanket. I learned from my mistakes made in Rupac and took and inflatable mattress – that made ALL the difference – and a inflatable pillow.


  1. There is a little cabin that sells tea or mate for 2 soles, food for 7-9 soles (it is good and cheap, but you’ll have to make a line)
  2. There are bathrooms, you can pay 1 sol to use the pretty ones or for free the DISAL ones.
  3. You’ll have to WALK a LOT, the path to the shape rocks isn’t easy to find and there are no trails. We didn’t had a tour guide so we found some of them by instinct (and it was adventurous, but hard and slightly dangerous, you can truly get lost there)
  4. Get up early and retrace your steps if you are walking by yourself, take water, little food and sunscreen with you)


  1. The entrance ticket is about 10 soles for Peruvians and 20 for tourists
  2. The donkey from the parking lot is about 15 soles
  3. We ate at San Pedro de Casta for 17 soles approximately

And here…. some photos:

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