“Lomas de Lúcumo”

October 19, 2018

Nearly half hour friom Lima city is Pachacamac, at the south. You can get there very easily by the highway, either in your own car or in a public service transport. Here is a map to guide you.

You can either spend the day or camp. We decided to go camping because I wanted to do something different again, BUT we left pretty late and arrive to the entrance almost around 6 when the light was about to go out. In fact, before half the trail we couldn’t see anything. I went there with two friends, one of them had already been there like five times, therefore we didn’t need to hire a guide to take us to the camping side. Since it was already late we took the short route, which took like hour and a half.

Things to know

  • There isn’t much to do, its all green (if you go before summer starts) and peaceful, that’s it.
  • I wouldn’t go camping again, unless I needed to be alone or just enjoy the uncomfortable experience  (jk)
  • There is a LOT of fog, so be careful. Although, it isn’t very cold, but still needed my jacket.
  • Make sure to bring stuff to make fire if you’re going to camp.
  • There’s no bathroom in the camping area. Amazing view though.
  • If you want to camp, the entrance ticket costs 10 soles each.

Tip: If you’re only gonna spend the day, get there veeeery early, fewer people and better photos. 



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