“Lomas de Lachay”

October 16, 2017

I was supposed to go camping to Marcahuasi this weekend, but for some uncontrollable reasons I had to pospone it. The thing is I needed to get away from Lima city, I’ve been very stressed these few weeks so I wasn’t gonna let the chance to take a trip pass. Truth is I was wondering where I could go for a full day -since I had no money to make a huge investment- and so I decided to browse the webpage YtuQuePlanes? There is where I found “Huaura” a town not very far from Lima, located at the North.

I took my mom with me, she likes walking and nature same as me. We headed north -in our car- at 6am and reached the main plaza around 9am.


  1. You’re gonna have to pay FOUR  Tolls; the first one is gonna be 5.30 soles, then 5 soles, then 7.50 and 7.50 at last. (And of course the same four on your way back)
  2. If you return late you’re gonna encounter lots of traffic. On the north highway drive all the trucks, and they go…slooooow.

I made a schedule where we were supposed to be at the beach at 10:30am, but there was no sun to be seen. And so, the plan change. First, we entered the Independence House looking for a bathroom.

In this balcony José de San Martín proclaimed Peru’s independence for the first time.

After visiting the museum and taking a few photos of the beautiful house, we found a small restaurant near the main Plaza to have breakfast (4 small sandwiches and 2 cups of coffee for SIX SOLES) and then after waiting too long for the sun to come up, my mom said to just go and lay there anyways.

Once in the supposed to be beautiful beach “Tambo de Mora” in Vegeta, we found a bay for fishermen and nothing else. I don’t know if I got the location wrong or what, but we never even got out of the car to ask around. After the first fail attempted to see the beach, we headed to the beach “El paraíso” but the main entrance was close and only a infinite road in bad state was available, guess my luck wasn’t with me this weekend in particular.

It was almost mid day when my mom told me to just go to the National Reserve of “Lomas de Lachay” and eat something quick ’cause she didn’t wanna find the fog part very late.

TIP? On the highway there is this part with a LOT of FOG, very dense…you can’t see anything at ALL. So be careful.  

Once in the entrance of the reserve, you have to pay 10 soles per person if you’re just visiting, but if you want to camp the price is 20 soles.

20 minute walk

1 hour walk

There is a third circuit of two hours, but it was getting late and we just decided to head back.

It was nice to see so much green around me, compared to my everyday surroundings, lots of bees too I must add. Here some photos of this day:

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