Latin america

There are no words for Latin america. Yes, among us we have our differences, but we also have the same problems. It always surprises me how much love there is our hearts when we get over our differences and just enjoy all the great things we have in common. The solidarity that we endure for our brothers and sisters in times of crisis (like Venezuela, like the floods in Peru).

We might not all have the advance thinking of accepting everyone for who they are and yes most of our traditions and culture are still narrow-minded but you can always find people (like me obviously) looking forward for a better tomorrow and more inclusion for everyone.

For a long time I got annoyed by others way of thinking, the way the acted…with no manners, the sexism in every latin american country, drug-dealing, useless authority, and how they have no care or whatsoever for the environment (this is sth I really envy of advanced countries). Anyways, before I keep listing every bad thing about it….I`ll just tell you my secret!! I‘m gonna quote it because I heard it in Sense 8 (GREAT SERIE) and it‘s perfectly described: 

Trying to change the world only leads to suffering. The only thing we can change is ourselves

I want a better country, a better world, sure…but the truth is that if I wanna change everyone, I can‘t, and the only one suffering will be me. What I can do is try to inspire everyone I can to want to change themselves from the example. Like Gandhi said: 

Make the change you want to see in the world

To go list

Argentina (I need to go back to the Patagonia)

Uruguay (I need a photo with Mujica)

Ecuador (Baños)

Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni)

Venezuela (You´re beautiful)


Brasil (Goias, Rio, Recife, Florianapolis)



May 14, 2017