La Habana 11.16

May 15, 2017

This time I went by myself. I was so scared because I was afraid they could detain me at the airport, it is not common to go back so fast. Also my passport photo looks like someone else (the first time they made me wait for they to confirm it was really me). I was really scared because as I already told you, there‘s no wifi everywhere like in the majority of countries, and at the Airport it‘s only available at the gates and it costs 2 CUC for 30 minutes.

Before I forget, another thing you must know about Cuba is that they don‘t take credit cards. NO WHERE, not even at the airport, so make sure you have cash!! Better Euros! They sort of hate american dollars. 

I know, you must be wondering why I went back so fast…well, I´ll just say that I loved it there, so if I could I´d go back anytime. I actually went back for my two friend´s birthdays just a few weeks before Fidel´s death, so yeah…I missed the whole charade -damn.

Same as last time, I stayed at a cuban house living my days as a cuban wannabe (even if I wanted to I stuck up everywhere I went, my looks said TOURIST all over).

Whats important about this trip?

I learned how to take a cuban public transportation!!  It is so funny and complicated because to get into a Colectivo (shared taxis, they pick up people along their route) they have different hand signs to go uptown or downtown, west, east, and they all seemed to know them very well. So there was I standing like an idiot wondering how to get to El Vedado (This time I stayed at my friend´s house in Arroyo). My friend told me to just asked anyone who stopped if they went where I wanted to go. There was this time that a taxi driver started to hit on me when I was the only one left (I got off at the last stop), so funny…he wanted to be my cuban boyfriend! One of my friends was supposed to be waiting for me but he was late and saw me on the cab a block before I got off – but because I was talking to the driver I didn´t see him – so he started running after the cab shouting my name…it was hilarious (for me of course haha) to see him all sweaty, catching his breath! Oh I miss him so much!

I also got into the public transportation called “Wawa” , very crowded, but it is really cheap.

Anyways, I went back to visit my friends, so we just spend a lot of time together not doing many touristic stuff (I wanted to live cuban style).

Where did I go?

This time we went partying at this place called Café Cantante (go early, we waited like an hour to get in).

Dinner at Topoly an Iranian restaurant I totally recommend.

At the plaza I also visited the periscope in Habana Vieja, it is a bunch of mirrors all around the city that allows you to see everything in real time in a screen like a projection. Sort of like Google Earth.

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