Humantay Lake

June 30, 2018

I never get tired of Cusco. I’ll keep coming, there’s always somewhere new to go. This time, it was the turn for Humantay Lake, located a few hours from the city, near Mollepata town.

The cost for the tour is around 60-70 soles. I got it fot 60. They’ll pick you up from your hotel (although I do not recommend this because then you’ll have to wait for everyone to be picked up, better ask for the place of meeting and the time to leave to be there, you’ll get at least and hour more of sleep)

We left around 5:30am (after being picked up at 4:30am) and arrived to Mollepata for breakfast around 8:30am.

At 10:40 we began our way up the mountain. The trek is steep, but not as hard as the Rainbow Mountain , I reached the top after hour and a half. I think the most impressive thing about this trek is the closeness to the white mountain, I’ve never seen the snow so close to a lake.

Bring layers of cloth, you’ll get warm with the walk but at the top its pretty cold. Also, bring water and a light backpack.

The tour includes lunch at Mollepata. You’ll be back in the city between 6 and 7pm.

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