Huancaya 10.15

June 20, 2017

Halloween? No, roadtrip.

This trip of two days I made it with my friends in the SUV of my friend. I don’t recommend this, but we made it 6 in a car for 5, fun but uncomfortable. Specially because we were three girls and three boys. Still we had a blast.

We left around 11pm from Lima and arrived at Lunahuana almost three hours later. We stayed at a hotel on the road so we could leave early in the morning.

On our way to Huancaya there are beautiful scenery worth stopping by to take breathtaking photos.

Laguna de Piquecocha – Yauyos



For this trip I absolutely recommend to have a plan of destinations (if you don’t have much time to wonder) ’cause we got lost in a ghost town for a while and arrived late at Huancaya and did not know where to go so we missed the upper lagoons. Another thing we didn’t do was stayed for camping, I’ve seen photos of friends who have done it and it looks amazing!


We spent the night in Huancayo City, in a hotel over a casino in front of the main plaza. The next day we woke up very early and had the amazing breakfast for five soles; bread and cheese with some natural fruit juice.


On our way back to Lima we stopped at Jauja for lunch and took a short trip to the artificial islands.


And on the road of the way back we made a stop at the highest point of any Railway Crossing in the world. So Damn cold.


Recommendation? Make a stop to buy artesanal ice creams in Jauja … The best! I ate two! 

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