May 28, 2017

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I’m always going back to Cusco so I might be updating this post from time to time.

Well, of course you’ve heard from it and I bet you can find lots of pages about it and the places to visit soo… I’ll just tell you about my own experience and the places I’ve been to. I’ve been to Cusco City like five times, it’s my favorite city so far. Clean skies, pure air and walking-distance to almost everywhere. Also, it’s very cheap (not as it was, everyday is gettin’ expensier) if you know where to look.


  1. The BEST time to go there is during the holidays of Independence Day (July 28-29), dry season and great time for partying. Although, it’s high season and the flights might not be cheap, also you should reserve your hotels/hostels in advance.

Where to stay?

If you want to party and meet new people from all over, you must definitely go to Loki Hostel, prices are good, accommodation is ok, services is good and the parties are great. Location is close to the Plaza but you have to walk up a hill to get there, so if you don’t like walking too much – specially if you get altitude sickness- I won’t recommend this place unless you’re willing to pay for taxis.

Not a fan of long up the hill walks but still looking for a good party option? The Point Hostels is great too.

But if you want a cheaper place with great location there is Felix Backpacker Hostel right next to the street of clubs.  I’ll tell you the truth, if you like niceeeee places, very well preserved, it isn’t it. I’ve been there and I have no complains though; I stayed at a room for three where we had to close our room with a chain, yes…not lock, chain.

Where to eat?

Breakfast:  Yummy and cheap 
San Pedro Market no doubts!!  You must ask for: “Pan con queso” (S/.3)  and a fresh big fruit juice (S/.5).

Lunch/Dinner: –For me– more than enough and cheap
In the streets surrounding the Plaza there are many restaurants where you can find cheap menus that includes and entree, main dish and a cup of mate de coca or a coffee. (S/.12-16) For is fine, but maybe if you like too eat a lot it might not be an option for you.

Fancy Lunch/Dinner: 

  • Papacho’s   (Hamburgers Peruvian Style – ask for the choco melt dessert!!)
  • There is this Sushi place I can’t remember the name, but I’ll come back to you with it.
  • Green’s (Vegetarian gourmet restaurant)
  • La bodega 138 (If you’re a pasta lover like me, this is a MUST GO for you)

Where to party?

It use to be “El templo” but it got shut down. You can start your night at Loki Hostel, and then head down to the plaza where you can find many bars open until sunrises, like Mama Africa.

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