Rainbow Mountain + Zipline

August 1, 2017

Once again I went back to my favorite city, my dear Cusco (5th time). Second time there during the holidays of our Independence day, wanna a tip? Get early to the airport, it’s going to be crowded as hell. I arrived one hour before my flight, barely made it.

Rainbow Mountain

We were picked up around 3:30 and at 8am we were taking breakfast. I will tell you this…before the sun is up the freezing is real.

We started at 9:40am after buying the tickets to get in (peruvians S/.5 tourists S/.10)

The walk is loooooong! Specially if you’re like me and are in no physical condition to make it greatly. I haven’t train for this at all.  Dancing and practicing yoga is no training for this long treks up the hill. Anyways, I gave me best and after long, very often, stops, I made it! Three hours later to be exact. But totally worthy!!

Yes, I know is not the typical photo, but to tell you the truth it is because I couldn’t take another step and to get to the top it was too much for my almost dead little body.

Facts: long walk, horse poop everywhere, public bathrooms in the middle of the way, amazing views.

Tips? Don’t bring a huge backpack, it’ll be your curse; make sure to have with you some energy or candy bars (I took chocolate); water is important, I was set with just one bottle and a thermos for my coca mate (good for the altitude); bring a jacket specially made to protect you from wind, I was almost blown away -no kidding-; and last but not least, usen sunblock, lots of it, and glasses and a hat (get hold of your hat ’cause I almost mine)

Another details about my trip? I had no resistance for this kind of trek and full aware of it, this is why my friend and I took horses for the way down, we fight it until the very end, but we were exhausted (and we were already late for the bus waiting for us) , we paid 25 soles from the middle of the road back. But if you know from the start you’re not making it, the roundtrip costs 90 soles, and if you want only the way up it’ll be 60.

Please check the horse of my friend peeing while posing haha

Also, this is the highest places I have ever been, with 5200 altitude …although that wasn’t at all the reason of why I took a horse back or barely made it, the road has very steep parts. Just in case I took before arriving my “soroche-pill” , maybe it made a difference.

Zipline across the Urubamba Valley

My friends and I decided to make a short tour because we actually went to Cusco to party and celebrate the Independence day. We were so tired after the trek of the day before, we couldn’t do the Via Ferrata, so we ended up doing zipling across the Urubamba Valley in the Raqchi town.

There was 4 cables that together were 2kms long. This was the second time I have done this, but I was still afraid ’cause I had a bad experience last time (my tour guide got distracted and let me crash at the end, nothing happened but scared the shit out of me)…so, this time I took all the precautions, this means I was too afraid to make the spiderman (get upside down and let your arms go), I regret it a little, almost all my friends did it and it looked amazing.

My brave friend Susan doing the spiderman

Anyways, at the last line they let you make de superman (lots of superheroes names right?) and that one was ok because they do everything….I don’t know why depending on myself scares me so much.

How much it cost? 90 soles, takes about 4 hours between the arrival to Maras and back.

Foodie tips

This time I tried (for the second time) La Bodega 138, and it is just the best. But also this time I wanted to share with you the amazing experience of going to the Coffee Museum (Museo del Café), so great! And not really expensive , not very cheap either. Here a photo to make your tong come out!

Quinoa burger with a capuccino

chocolate cake and artesanal ice cream

It is great because they also share with you a tour about the production of the coffee grains.

Soon> the video in my youtube channel.

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