May 15, 2017

My first time in Cuba was amazing! I have no words for what I experienced there, the things I learned about it, the people I met, how I felt…it was like going back in time.


I went to a friend´s house located in Vedado, La Habana one of the nicest parts of the city, still there is no comparison with another “nice” neighborhood in Lima, for example. Houses look old, almost like falling apart – in which some cases they actually are – , specially in Old Havana, for a second there I wonder how could people live that way?  Well it is what it is and cuban people are doing the best they can with what they can get. Lovely, friendly and loud people.

I had the blessing of staying with a cuban family and living as a cuban, seeing first hand all the struggles they have to go through, even though for them -my host- it wasn´t that bad.

Yo can hear lots of things about Cuba and the way they live, whether you agree with the government or not, truth is… it sucks. There is no price for freedom. I had to look at their afraid faces when some of them complained, looking if there was someone listening. Awful.

Internet? Yeah…not so much. Expensive, slow, hard to find. But for me, that was a relief, more so like an scape from what I am used to. I was free. You could see kids playing in the park, people talking to each other! I made some good friends and no one ignored me for their smartphones, I had actual conversations.

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I don´t have much photos to show you, I was having such a goodtime I sort of forgot about my phone (also I wasn´t thinking about a blog).

Party in La Habana?

If you want to visit Fábrica del Arte (museum of art where people go all fancy to dance at night) GO EARLY!!! And bring cash. We did not get in because not only did we arrive late, but also it was very expensive. So we ended up going to this other place called Kingbar , the name comes after a local slang because kimbar refers to have sex.  It was great, it actually has a striptease show perform by the bartenders – so HOT -. So much fun! OMG there is nothing I love more than watching cubans dance, it seemed like I was at a competition, but no, the just go with the flow and salsa like it is so easy (so jealous).


We went there by bus, it took us like 6 or 8 hours to get to this paradise (Varadero takes 3) with the stopping and all. We went to a all included hotel, The Eurostar Hotel, very very nice and so far away from the cuban reality, it was like stepping into another country, maybe Miami.

We weren´t all that luck because we only had 2 beach days and the first one there was no sun and it also rained, although the water was still warm we had to stepped out of it because thunder started.

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Try not to get ripped off by the sellers of cuban cigars, they´d say they can get them for a lower price than hotels (and this is true) but if you´re lucky enough to make local friends ask them to get the cigars for you – those are going to be the cheapest-.

We were ambushed by a street seller that charged us 60 american dollars for a box of 20 Cohibas….well turns out the father of one my friends could´ve gotten us the same box for half the price.

Nonetheless,  I LOVE CUBA!


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