Costa Rica

August 13, 2018

I was supposed to come to this country with my whole family, for personal reasons my dad and bro couldn’t make it so I ended up just going with my mom. Turned out for the best, sort of, Costa Rica is the most expensive country in Central and Latin America.

It is important that you remember -or know- that I come from Peru, our minimum income is 200 dollars if you are lucky. And even though I am middle class, we are use to things, food and everything being cheaper. I met two americans who found everything affordable, when I told them Peru was even less than half price, they looked really amazed. 

Having said that, this was another one of my trouble travels – Usually sth happens to me because I am distracted – my mom and I got to the airport and they had to send us back because we did not have our yellow fiver vaccine card and that was a requirement to enter the country, and the airline didn’t tell us in highlighted letters. So, we had to rebooked our flight for the next day. 

TIP: Make sure you have everything you need before your flight, research the embassy’s web.

TIP: Don’t change money at the airport or the street , the best choice is at any bank

TIP: make sure to pay the departure taxes before check in , it is 29$ for everyone.

Here the airlines that includes exit taxes it in their tickets:


We arrived to San José because we did a poorly research before deciding our destination. #SadTruth We should’ve taken a flight directly to Guanacaste’s airport. Anyways….the hotel offered us a taxi to take us from the airport of SJO to Guanacaste, which is 4-5 hours ($350 round trip) BUT later we found out that there are waay cheaper buses that leaves every morning around 8am (9$)

Where we stayed?

  • Guanacaste: Sapphire Residences , we got a two floor bungalow for 4 people. Nice place to relax, close to the main stores of Guanacaste and walking distance to the beach of Playas Del Coco.

What to do?

Costa Rica is a place to relax or do adventure/nature activities. Kinda felt like a soon to be Florida. Sort of, everyone speaks english, even signs on the street are in english, and recently a lot of Americans and Canadians are moving there.

Since I was with my mom and our plan was to get to know the place but don’t do any risky stuff, the first thing we did was go to Nicaragua (haha ironic since at that time they were struggling with internal riots). You can check my Fullday post later.

  • Sunset viewing in Playas del Coco

  • Cross the border to watch Masaya’s active volcano in Nicaragua

  • Visit Ricón de la Vieja (adventure activities, plus mud bath and hot steam water pools from the volcano)


  • Catamaran (snorkling in a whiter sand beach, wait to see the dolphins and the beautiful sunset while drinking)

  • SJO (Museums, city tour and shopping).

The most famous museums are three floors underground.


I will come back, with more money and more time. ‘Till later Costa Rica. 

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