June 21, 2018

This is my second time in Colombia, you can check out my first solo trip to this beautiful country here. The first time I went, it was to Medellín and then Cartagena, but I got few days and didn’t get to visit many places.

My friends were already in Santa Marta when I got there and leaving for Cartagena next day, that’s why I arrived to Santa Marta’s airport. (29k taxi from the Airport to the hostel)

We stayed at the Villana Hostel, close to “Parque de los novios” and what can be called to tourists area; many hostels and restaurants with live shows on the street. Next day we left for Cartagena in a MARSOL van that took us there after 4 hours for 42k pesos.

Where we stay?

At “El viajero 2″ located in the middle of the center, close to everything. I usually don’t stay at hotels, but for the sake of one my friends who don’t like hostels we decided to stay there, and I totally recommend it.

The view from the hotel’s balcony

Where to party/have a few drinks?

The first day we wondered around Cartagena, went partying at the hostel I last stayed at “Hostel el Viajero” and afterwards to Eibiza near the clock tower.

Btw: You’re not supposed to be allow to enter the hostel if you’re not staying there, but we have stayed there before and the guy in the front desk remembered us. 

Another place to go have a few drinks that’s nice is “Alquímico” , nice bar with a good rooftoop.

Spots in the city:

  • Café del Mar (Great to see the sunset, although we didn’t catch any because of bad weather)

  • Getsemaní, the old city (across the clock tower)

There are a few bars you can check out here, we never got to party there though.

We just went eating at this pasta restaurant called “Di Silvio” , veeery good.

  • Wall city (classic photoshoot)


  • Bora bora All included  150k pesos  + 16,500k fee at the dock

I’ll recommend you to find your tours outside the hotels ’cause they’ll be cheaper. Also, ask around first, there are lots of options. We decided for this one ’cause they said it was more fun than the others (don’t picture a party, it has beds like Mandala Beach in Cancun, but it’s pretty much for relaxing) and also I haven’t been there last time.

  • City tour (in and around the wall city): 100k pesos (Marco Padilla+57 314 7094787 , up to 4 people – he’s really nice, this is his number)

We met this taxi driver who also did tours around the city (pretty common in Cartagena) so we arranged this for our last day.

He took us around the city to visit a few museums (ticket aside)

Fort (cupcake shape) (Free entrance)

Monastery ($4) 

San Felipe’s Castle ($11) 

Square outside the wall city 

The Old Shoes

Cartagena is a city full of color and history, I’ll definitely be back.

Finally, back to Santa Marta for the last three days.

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