Canyon of the lost (Oct’15)

May 15, 2017

Also known as The Lost Canyon.

Ica is a desert known for its dunes where you can practice sandboarding and take the tubulars, it also has this  oasis called Huacachina. It is five hours from Lima if you take a bus, and 4hrs if you go by car.

But this was a Full Day trip because I just went there to visit its new (recently promoted) touristic attraction.

Things you should know if you’re planning on going

  • Its HOT, and of course DRY. Bring lots of sunblock and water.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat would be useful too.
  • Bring some changing clothes.
  • Small backpack, just the necessary.

This trip I made it with my mom, it requieres being in an acceptable shape, if my mom can do it, so can you. You need to walk for like 2 hours under the burning sun and there’re some tricky paths too.

I went with this tour agency called Mundo Aventura Travel . It offers transportation to Ica and to the canyon, they also take you to eat lunch after it and of course the ride back to Lima. You can choose to stay at the Huacachina or you can go ride the tubulars after lunch, your choice.


  • It takes like 3 hours in a minivan to get to the canyon, located in Santiago de Ica. Not a comfortable roadtrip.


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