December 28, 2018

First time in this city, I wanted to come here a few years ago because there was this political issue going on and I wanted to know what the city was like. Anyways, time went by and finally I got to go! and with my little brother! This was a bonding trip for us that turned out pretty good.


Where to stay?

I chose Tetem Backpackers Hostel, I looked it up at Hostelworld and contacted the owner directly (Miguel). It costs around 7 bucks the night; warm water and comfortable beds. It is his house where he lives with his family and rents rooms to tourists. It is pretty cool because the house is located in Baños del Inca (15 minutes from the main plaza of Cajamarca in Taxi) and it has a pool that is made from thermal waters. Also, you can use the kitchen of the house and store your food in the fridge, it really helps to save some money on food.

Where to go?

“Plazoleta Los Incas”

This place is located closed to “Baños del Inca”, its free and you can take photos with the twelve most important Incas.

Little cloudy…
“Mirador de Santa Apolonia”

This a place near the main plaza and you can get there by walking up a few stairs (20min) , cost? S/1. Up there you can see the whole city.

Best bros
“Hacienda La Colpa”

We took a tour in “Cumbemayo tours” for $15 each (it doesn’t include the entrance ticket of S/5)

I didn’t like it very much, I don’t like farms, but we got a good tasting of their milk products.

“Zona zoolítica Los Sapitos”

This place came in a tour package again from “Cumbemayo tours”, it is a stop very similar to Marcahuasi with rocks that are shaped as animals.

Lake San Nicolas, Namora

This a big lake where locals breed “Trucha” a river fish. Also it has a restaurant “Don Jose” where you can eat and enjoy the beautiful view.


This one is a half day tour, I thought it was a trekking tour, but we walked so sloowwwww stoping all the time to hear about the important historical facts, it was very interesting though. Anyways, to get to know it it was cool, but if you go there looking for adventure, even on your own you can do it in half hour.

In front you can see Cumbemayo rocks

This is a place where the Cajamarcas, and later the Incas, used to buried their families. It costs also 15 soles and the entrance ticket is S/5.

“Baños del Inca”

Well, the first turn starts at 5am and we thought of going at that hour to take a good picture, thanks to the universe it was raining and we kept on sleeping…the place was close for renewals until two more months.

I will definately come back to take a bath in hot waters like the Incas

Where to eat?


The best desert you can find it here, although we find it by luck in our first day, because we came back later and it was closed (we came back like everyday). Also the owner is really sweet and polite, we loved her. Ask for her “Crema volteada”


The best restaurant in town, located inside the Costa del Sol Hotel in front of the main square. It isn’t as pricy as one would thought, but isn’t cheap either (You can check stories in my Instagram account)

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