Bocas del Toro New year 2019

January 17, 2019

My research abilities suck, it’s all I can say. I thought just being in the island of Bocas would be the best party ever, even better than Cancun, but hell no.

Turns out the best party isn’t in Bocas, it’s on the islands close to it. There is this 3 island party called “Filthy Friday”, there is where you need to go (and book in advance) it opens every friday, but new year’s must be sick (must be ’cause I wasn’t there, I just saw the photos).

Hows the party like in the city? People gather around the main street and wait for the countdown. It’s ok, maybe if you went with a bigger group of friends it might be better. And also, be drunk…and for anything in the world straighten your hair, it rains at anytime.

How to get there from Panama city?

We took a bus ($28) that takes 8 hours to get there and then take a boat ride of $6 to the island. It leaves around 9pm, and tickets run out quickly so be prepare to make a line for hours (we did 4) because there isn’t online ticketing.

Missed the express bus? You can do the longest trip (11 hours); from Panama city to David and from David to Changuinola.

Where’s the party?

So, New year’s is here….where to go? you can go to any hostel or party around and spent it there, most of the charge the entrance past 00 hours. Here some alternatives:

  • SUMMER (might be the best) – charges 40$
  • SELINA hostel – charges 20$
  • Street – free

Where to stay?

  • Selina? you’ll need to book in advance though.
  • Coconut hostel (cheap, includes breakfast and close to the main square….watch out for the bugs though –although this is everywhere)

Where to go?

Anywhere touristic comes with sand and saltwater. You take the boats from the main port and the cheapest ride will cost $5 per person.

  • 9am – 4pm All day tour ($25-30) to visit Isla Estrella, Isla Zapatilla …and maybe some more, I wouldn’t know because the day we decided to made this it rained all day and we had to head back and go the next day to half the tour.
  • Red Frog (entrance $5+$10 boat ride)

Is it expensive?

Yes…the cheapeast, decent breakfast is $9 and for lunch is $11….but you can but stuff to cut some expenses in the minimarkets (some accept credit card)

And don’t forget to add the tax to the final price, which is $7

I would come back though….I must party at Filthy Friday before I stop being single (if ever) See you soon Bocas!

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