November 24, 2018

Heeeey! Well, this was the second time I went to Ayacucho (first was like two years ago with a couple of friends, but didn’t enjoy it much ’cause one of them got sick and had to take care of her the whole trip) and I loved it!

I went alone, and it was great. I know there’s still some fear about traveling alone in my country, specially girls, but I don’t care and my mom got used to it, so far so good. You just need to be careful and always be prepare to react, sad truth but it can be actually dangerous for women to be alone and careless.

Tip: Never stop being afraid, but don’t let fear stop you. 

I went for a three days, I chose to stay at Via Via II hotel because a friend recommend it, and it was great. Although I booked it through Booking and when I got there it was cheaper without the booking commision (duh) so…I would recommend you first check directly with the hostel/hotel.


Where to eat?

Via Via Plaza Restaurant – Amazing view and excellent food!

Right on the street!

“Muyuchi” Ice cream made with milk, cinnamon and ajonjolí

City tour? Where to go

Visit the Old Houses spread around the main plaza and main streets (it’s free)

The house of Joaquin Lopez Antay  S/4

This is the house of the most important loca artists recognized for inventing the “Retablo Ayacuchacho”

“Museo de la memoria”   S/2

Heartbreaking memories of the violence period lived in Ayacucho during terrorism

Arch of Triumph

Right next to the main market

“Panadería tradicional” recently baked “chapla” bread only at 6am and 3pm

You get to see how they cook them, and the smell is OH WOW



Also… I got lost because the entrance is confusing, but it looks like this:


(Located in: Av 9 diciembre)











Where to go on adventure?

Well if you have been reading my blog you know I am the adventure type and so I looked for a Tour company that could provide this kind of tours. The only one I found and that I would definitely come back to is Esmeralda Tours , amazing guides and photographer!

Millpu “Turquoise natural pools”

Amazing, breath-taking place! BUT of course humanity had to ruin it. People haven’t been taking good care of the place and now it will no longer be available for swimmers.

If you’re wondering, yes… the water was freaking cold. -5 degrees

Canyon of Qorihuilca

There are levels for this tour, I took the intermediate level because the more advance one takes all day and I didn’t had that much time since I did it on my last day.


I’ll be back! 

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