August 28, 2018

¿Little trip outside the city? Go to Antioquia, located in the province of Huarochiri in rural Lima.

Yo can get there by car or you can take a minivan at Cieneguilla, from there is about hour and a half to two hours. The road is mostly paved but very narrow so be careful in the curves.

It can be a full day because there’s not much to do, since it is a small town, but if you want to spend the night you can stay at local hostels near the main plaza that start at 9$.

What to do?

  • Cycling
  • Trek (Inca trail)
  • Sight seeing the town
  • Take photos around the colorful houses
  • Visit the town called Cochayhuaco 10 minutes away
  • Buy fresh fruit and honey
  • Eat eat eat

Things you need to know

  • There is no cel reception aside from the company Movistar
  • There is no wifi (which is great to really disconnect)
  • Town is very secure
  • It is a small town, not many people speak english (probably just tour guides, but I don’t know for sure)



You can see the town of Antioquia from here


I went alone with my friend in my car, its funny how people still see us either as crazy women traveling alone or lesbians. Big shout out for empowered women! 

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