Iguazu Falls

May 15, 2017

Well this is a trip I made with my family and it was all fancy with unnecessary expenses and all. Why? my mom doesn‘t like exploring on her own, and she says she can do whatever she wants with her money – and she‘s right (even if it means wasting it). 

For starters we stayed at a five star hotel calleeeed….I don’t remember! I‘ll get back to you on that! But it was nice and it was in Foz do IguaçuBrasil, very close to the malls right in the highway -sort of Miami-. Although we went in a not so hot weather and we couldn’t use the pool, it was even windy and rainy.

Anyways, we took a pre booked tour, the kind of tours that has a guide specially for your group and they give you some sort of identification not to lose you. So it wasn’t dull, but I don’t recommend you this kind of travel, unless you’re like my mom.

The waterfalls are amaaaazing, really breathtaking. Both sides are great.

Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

In this side, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE BOATS that takes you under the falls, well..close enough you get all wet anyways. They are at the docks that you can see form the stairs. Sort of expensive, but totally worthy. Watch the video here.

In the Brazilian side is good too, specially if you want to get really close to the falls. My mom loved it.

Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu

Do yo see the people standing there? They are all wet in case you were wondering.



I stayed in the brazilian side, in Foz Do Iguaçu so I can only share with you what to do there.

1. Before you leave the Falls, go to the intersection of the 3 frontiers (Brasil, Argentina & Paraguay)

2. Go try a good Caipirinha – There are many good restaurants in the Center. (It burns like hell, but if you can drink 6 of them, the 7th is for free)

3. Also, don’t miss your visit to Parque Nacional Das Aves.

4. You can also make a visit to the Itaipu Hydroelectric – the biggest one in the world.

5. And last but not least, VISIT THE BUDIST TEMPLE! LOVEEEED IT  (I practice yoga, please don’t make fun of my tree pose)

Few last comments…

Stay at the city, I’ve been told by a local friend that parties are wild and crazy (being with family is sth I did not try, sadly).

Also, you wanna know sth only a daredevil could do? I went to a Favela, not a dangerous one -although it was late- and I was with my local friend who happens to be a cop. Ok, fine, maybe I’m not that reckless. I just like to tell the story. It seemed like a nice neighborhood, not every Favela is extremely dangerous or poor. Sadly it wouldn’t be smart to end up in a place like that being a tourist and specially alone. (I agreed because well, he’s a cop and he said he was on good terms with the people who lived there -’cause being a cop is no guarantee-)

So, stay cool, stay safe. Brasil is a dangerous country, it won’t hurt to be careful.

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